Emergency Management

Emergency ServicesThe Village of Point Venture Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is responsible for coordinating the preparedness for any major emergency or disaster affecting The Village of Point Venture. More specifically, the OEM is responsible for:

Developing, revising and exercising Point Venture’s emergency plan and related plans in coordination with other city and county departments and allied agencies.

Managing the Village’s emergency operations center (EOC) to provide a coordinated response to disasters and other emergencies.

Planning, conducting and coordinating disaster preparedness exercises for Village personnel, allied agencies and volunteers.

Developing and maintaining mutual aid agreements with other municipalities and ther governmental entities in the county and state.

Serving as the Village’s liaison to other agencies relative to emergency preparedness matters, including the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) and the countywide multi-jurisdictional local emergency planning committee.

Coordinating the Village’s homeland security efforts with other public safety departments and allied agencies.

The Office of Emergency Management also works closely with the Travis County Sheriff’s Department to ensure vital information is communicated to the public as quickly as possible. Emergency information is disseminated in a variety of ways including activation of the Emergency Notification 4263a8788c76406e25fea0e0a0778a08ENS)*, emergency press releases through the print and broadcast media and continuous postings on the Village’s website.

The Office of Emergency Management is dedicated to upholding emergency management standards in the areas of preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery in order to save lives and protect property during a major emergency or disaster.

ENS: Ability to send a pre-recorded message via the telephone to Point Venture residents with emergency instructions and alerts. The ENS system can be used to send messages to our entire community or just to homes along a specific street.

Be Prepared Stay Informed – Register to Emergency Warning by Text, E-mail or Phone

Emergency Management Committee Members

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EM Director

EM Coordinator
Donnie Norman

EM Coordinator
Greg Johnson