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Help Wanted - Animal Control Officer


What skills do you need to take on this position?

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Notice 2023 Tax Rates


Notice concerning the 2023 property tax rates for Village of Point Venture:  Notice About 2023 Tax Rates

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Dog Registration for the Village of Point Venture


It's time for the Village of Point Venture dog registration. You are required by law to have your cat and dog vacinated for rabies, and you are required by law to register your dog with the Village. If you do not have a burnt orange Texas PV dog registration tag, then your dog is not registered.  Registration is easy and cheap, $5 for 1 year, $9 for 2 years, and $12 for 3 years.  Get your dog registered today. Tickets will be issued if you have a dog in the Village without a current registration. You may call the office at 512-267-5511 or e-mail

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